Best cloud hosting 2020

Have you been curious about cloud hosting lately? Have you been wondering which exactly might be the best cloud hosting website?

The foundation of the internet is web hosting. Every site visited by the user is hosted somewhere. The site made by you will need hosting too and one of the best possible ways to make that happen is cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting branches out and looks up to different sources to obtain a variety of information to create a virtual server instead of being connected to one server.

On the other with shared hosting, your site goes down if your server goes down. The cloud server starts lagging; the other servers automatically start picking up the slack. An excellent balance between affordability and power is maintained by cloud hosting.

A2 hosting cloud logo

1. A2 Hosting

Unlimited SSD space. Free site transfer. 

Hostinger cloud hosting logo

2. Hostinger

Fast and stable cloud hosting.

SiteGround cloud hosting logo

3. SiteGround

Cloud hosting on secure servers.

Liquidweb cloud and hosting logo

4. LiquidWeb

Dedicated cloud servers with great speed.

Best cloud hosting with Hostwinds

5. Hostwinds

Get started with cloud hosting in 20 sec.

Vultr cloud hosting logo

6. Vultr

Powerful cloud hosting. Hogh performance.

Dreamhost cloud hosting logo

7. Dreamhost

Cloud hosting and object storage. 

So what exactly is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is when your website is stored on different servers which lets you gain access to various resources on multiple servers. This makes it very dependable, ascendable and adaptable.

Cloud storage is definitely a go-to for any user who needs flexibility. You get to customize the resources you’d use every month and spend your time and money accordingly.

One must know about the pros of cloud hosting before they get started with it. Visit some of our links to find the best suit for you.If you use one of the more popular and big CMS platforms like WordPress or Magento you should head over to WordPress hosting or Magento hosting to find out more about hosting that suits them.

best cloud hosting

Improved and reliable speed

Consumers generally want fast and smooth experiences while web surfing and the buyer guarantees a hosting service which gives them both to provide satisfaction. So hosting services or companies switch the consumer to a local server if they detect traffic and locate where it is coming from to speed up your load. They also switch you to another server if there’s a malfunction, virus or security threat to the particular server.

A managed server is less stressful

No matter how adaptable the cPanel is, security and software maintenance will still be very time-consuming. That’s exactly why managed cloud services handle a lot of daily loads and periodically keep updating the server’s software so that they don’t start lagging. Cloud hosting services keep the site protected from features like SSH access, encryption of data, server firewalls and frequent backups.


Flexibility is a very key feature when it comes to cloud hosting. The option of only paying for the resources you’re using instead of charging you for a particular interval time is made available to many users by the providers. This payment scheme is very useful and gives you quick access to extra bandwidth and large data storage when needed. They also stop you from losing money when less traffic is detected on your websites.


Minimum electricity is used by these cloud hosting companies. They typically use state-of-the-art services in doing so. Research is pretty important before you choose your hosting provider. Catchy slogans and cheap plans might sound pretty exciting to choose but we must contemplate some key questions.

Best Cloud Hosting Services 2020

1. A2 Hosting

A2 hosting logoThis is certainly the best cloud server hosting. Simply a few seconds deal affects your SEO, conversation rate and your bonus rate. But you wouldn’t have to fret about this if you choose A2 hosting and out extremely fast Swift Server platform. Your desired server location anchored on speed optimized servers, around 20X after Turbo servers and free SSDs are a few advantages. 

  • This Hosting allows you to design your perfect server with the kind of resources you desire. Which means you won’t get caught up into paying for resources you don’t want to use. Now design your account to your convenience, absolutely risk-free. 
  • As an experienced developer who would want full control of their assessments, we give that to you. To get access and edit your entire server files you get root access. You are one to choose your Linux Os and can release your server. Including boot, shutdown and reboot control all to your accessibility. 
  • The staff has an exceptional team of experts and agents with system admins who work extremely hard to ensure your server runs at its peak. We put in our finest practices, feature servers in the optimal data centers to make sure that your server has the latest security patches. 
  • A2 Hosting is extremely reliable and completely risk-free. The staff is available for your service almost all the time.

To make it easy and convenient for you, Cloud Hosting is available at A2 Hosting. Exclusive unlike the other providers where you skim through confusing instructions and baffling price guides to start. To choose our resources all you have to do is use our configurator tool. It barely takes a few minutes to pick your CPU speed, RAM, cores, space, and operating system template. 

If you’re confused about how much of the resources you’ll need for your project, Cloud Hosting allows you to pay only for the resources you use. 

With impeccable hosting plans starting from just as low as $2.96 per month, you can now have the benefit of experiencing the most phenomenal hosting.


2. Hostinger

Advantages of using Hostinger

The plans hosted by Hostinger range from as little as $0.80 per month up to $3.45 per month. With features such as a free domain, up to 100 websites and much more, this is the most budget-friendly and the best cloud hosting site.


  • Mostly strong uptime – uptime is one of the key features before you select your web host. Hostinger performs extremely well in this area but it does, however, lags in uptime every few months or so.
  • For example in the first month of choosing and tracking Hostinger– as our host service the website experienced an uptime of 99.04% that is about seven hours of downtime for a month- that is not good enough but if we the first initial month was left out of the equation and only the last fifteen months was taken into consideration, the average time taken would be 99.77.
  • Top speed load time– Top speed load time is very important for enhancing the user’s experience with a site. It is very annoying when we have to wait for a web page to load. We get very impatient.
  • According to Neil Patel, 40% of the people abandon the website if takes any longer than three seconds to load. Hostinger has established servers in the USA, Asia and Europe (UK). According to the reports, every one of them is connected to a 1000mbps connection which ensures stability during the time the webpage is loading.
  • Thirty-day full refund guarantee– Hostinger has many payment options available to the consumers, for example- visa, MasterCard, discover, bitcoin, maestro, American Express and JCB.
  • A full thirty-day money refund guarantee is offered by them. So you can have a trial period of thirty days and then get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the performance or experience, however not all the products are available for the money-back option some products have other terms and conditions in accordance with the Hostinger’s refund policy.



3. SiteGround

Siteground is just the best cloud hosting if you’ve surpassed hosting solutions. This platform provides strong and efficient resources and facilities that will leave you awestruck. With a speedy and remarkable performance, this cloud will make sure to make your website outshine the others.

Along with this, few of the features that Siteground comes with are-

  • This website has professional DevOps which will help you assist your cloud account. Keeping the customers’ demands and necessities in mind, this is just the best cloud server hosting specifically for businesses. Along with this, even the It aspect has been looked upon which is so important for entrepreneurship.
  • With this hosting site, you have the benefit of hosting your own clients with the cloud account. Isn’t that just amazing? The account management interface technology lets you make several stand-alone accounts of hosting. Alone with this, every user also gets to use their control panel.
  • Even the WordPress sites can be hosted on our cloud. This cloud hosting site is just so easy to use. With easy onboarding plans and WooCommerce auto-updates, you can have an experience of a lifetime.  Read more about WordPress hosting.
  • You are also very much allowed to change the NS name of the cloud server. This can be done by initializing the free DNS service. This service is provided with each cloud account. You also have advanced priority support in case of facing any difficulty. You also are provided with easy and upfront access to the SSH.
  • What’s more fascinating is that this cloud account will let you have the benefit of having your unique and efficient IP.

The plans for this hosting site start from $3.95 per month. You are also provided with free daily backup. For detailed information on the plans, visit the website.


4. Liquidweb

Liquidweb dedicated serversBeing the best cloud hosting, Liquid web beats all other cloud hosting websites. The cloud efficient bare metal servers come together with the processing power and the facilities of a chief and remarkable server with the fast performance and compatibility of a cloud platform.

Few of the features that make this cloud hosting site astounding are:

  • This remarkably amazing website assures to cover all the needs of the users. Henceforth, the performance and ability of the server are looked upon, with the capabilities of the cloud.
  • This cloud gives you the benefit of having 24/7 support and assistance. The server is always provided and is also deployed in a very small amount of time.
  • This hosting is fully assisted. It ensures to keep both your server as well as the OS completely secure, safe and efficient. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the security of your server.
  • You can completely rely on the cloud hosting site which is why it is simply the best cloud hosting you will come across. It comes with Linux and windows. You can easily customize and optimize at any time for an astounding performance without having to increase traffic.
  • The cloud is astoundingly speedy. You will now have the benefit of several characteristics such as Dedicated IP address, Gigabit uplink, power uptime SLAs and 24/7 exceptional network, Server Secure advanced security and much more. 
  • Liquidweb has been on demand for a long time now and is best known for its flexibility and scalability. This is such a powerful cloud which is why you will genuinely have an incredible experience.

Given below are the plans that liquid web features:

  1. Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3-
  • Gigantic storage of 4 crores and 7.8GB RAM and a 5TB bandwidth, this plan is just brilliant. It costs about $109 per month and $1308 per year.
  1. Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5-
  • Brilliant storage of 4 crores and 15GB RAM, this is just the best plan for businesses. It comes with a 5TB bandwidth and costs about $149 monthly and $1788 yearly.
  1. Intel Xeon E3-1275 v6-

With a large storage availability of 4 crores and 32GB RAM and a 5TB bandwidth, this plan is exceptional. It costs about $199 per month and $2388 per year.

5. Hostwinds

Hostwinds hosting

Making the best cloud server is the most chief step of anybody’s journey. You can both up to run and get your server in just a small amount of time. What makes this cloud the best cloud hosting is that you can customize according to your convenience?

You can choose from several options for operating systems. You can not only do this but you can also choose an application which is already built. Moreover, you can select a template for jump-starting your experience.

Few of the features that this phenomenon site comes with are:

  • You can now pay according to your comfort. Hostwinds offers a wide range of options in billing. This is why you can pick the option which is not only best suited for you but is also budget-friendly.
  • The service agents are 24/7 available to guide you throughout. So if you’re looking for a little guidance or you have any queries, you can get assistance by live chat, support ticket or by calling on the customer care number.
  • Solid-state drive technology helps fasten your speed right away. Hence, if your application and data are fast, your website will instantly improve. This will also lessen the loading time.
  • You have the benefit of customizing and configuring the templates. You can also fine-tune the templates. Along with this, you have the advantage of deploying fast by just clicking on the button.
  • Fast scalability is another brilliant feature that you get to enjoy. You can now have the advantage of a quick cloud server and a magnificent efficiency.

The plans that Hostwinds provide are:

Hostwinds have several plans ranging from $4.5 to $300. 

  1. With a gigantic 30 GB storage space and 1TB bandwidth, this plan is the most budget-friendly and efficient plan you will come across. It costs about $4.49 per month.
  2. With large storage of about 50GB and a 2TB bandwidth, this plan is exceptionally good. It has 1CPU and 2GB RAM which is why this is an impressive plan. It costs about $8.99 per month.
  3. With massive storage of 750GB and 96GB RAM, this plan is just the right plan for businesses. It has 16CPU and a 9TB bandwidth and costs about $296.09 per month.


6. Vultr

Vultr cloud hosting

Vultr is undoubtedly the most trending and the best cloud hosting you will come across. With the most convenient usage, you can now deploy a magnificent performance with a server network up to all regions.

The Intel Skylake processors are specifically made for new deployments. The deployments are of 2GB plans or other such VC2 plans. A large jump in GPU’s performance is shown by the Geekbench.

Few of the features that make this site exquisite are:

  • The best part about Vultr is that you have the benefit of 100% Intel cores. The recent era Intel CPUs assure excellent performance. Along with this, you will have the most efficient experience.
  • You have a variety of OS combinations to choose from. Hence, you can conveniently choose whichever OS is best suited for you. You can use the upload ISO feature or OSs such as Deploy CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.
  • You have the benefit of accessing full root. You will also be provided with a dedicated IP address that comes with all the VM’s.
  • You won’t have any contacts which are long term based. The primary step in our site is hourly billing of products and facilities.
  • The API is extremely strong and works phenomenally. Along with this, this site works extremely fast and consistently.
  • This site has the most authentic control panel. The control panel comes with enormous features that work exceptionally. These features might include View console, restart, reboot, change OS, etc.

The plans that Vultr offers are:

  1. With a gigantic 10GB storage, 512MB RAM, 0.5 TB bandwidth and 1CPU, this is the best cloud hosting you’ll come across. It costs about $2.5 per month.
  2. With a brilliant 25GB storage, 1024MB RAM, 1TB bandwidth and 1CPU, this is just the right plan for anybody. It costs about $5 per month.
  3. With 55GB storage availability, 2GB RAM, 2TB bandwidth and 1CPU, this plan is exceptionally for businesses specifically. It costs about $10 per month.

Visit Vultr to see all their plans. 

7. Dreamhost

Dreamhost hosting logo

DreamHost is most certainly the best cloud hosting because you have the benefit of customizing and decorating your server as you like. You also have the advantage of enjoying effectively boundless, ideal access to objects. Along with this, you can save an extremely safe WordPress backup.

Few of the most mind-blowing features of DreamHost are as follows:

  • You now have the advantage of working with a fast processor, you can access the SSH in just a few seconds. With the impeccable accelerated networks and SSD disks, you can have an experience of a lifetime.
  • You can choose your OS from a video variety of options. Be it Linux, BSD or MS Windows, you have complete access and control.
  • You can change your server according to your necessities without having any trouble. This can be done with the Open-stack compatible API.
  • You will be provided with 24/7 assistance and guidance throughout your journey. You will even be helped while transferring to your private cloud.
  • You can also safely protect your files with cloud backups QNAP, OwnCloud, DropShare, RetroSpect, etc.

Few of the plans that DreamHost features are-

  • Shared hosting- this is just the best cloud hosting plan for beginners. It costs about $2.59 per month. With access to one website, free domain, unlimited traffic, Pre-installed word press and much more, this plan just beats every other plan.
  • DreamPress- costing $16.95 per month, this plan is specially created for WordPress. You will now have access to one WordPress website, about 1000k monthly visitors and a gigantic 30GB SSD storage, this is an excellent plan. You will also have a free domain.
  • VPS Basic- this is just the right plan for beginners and new websites. With a price of about $13.75 per month, this plan is marvelous. It comes with 1GB RAM and gigantic storage of 30GB SSD. You have the benefit of easily adding domains.

Elements to examine for cloud hosting

Before you choose a cloud hosting provider, it is very important to do your part by doing a little research about the company. Seeing a captivating slogan with cheap plans might sound alluring, however, ask yourself a few questions and thoroughly examine the characteristics of the cloud hosting company. Given below are a few elements to consider while choosing a hosting provider for you.

Is robust security provided by the company?

Security is definitely a key feature when selecting a cloud hosting company. The company must be reliable enough to trust them to maintain your privacy. When this feature is provided by the cloud hosting company- it automatically becomes attractive to the consumers. So when you’re browsing to select your cloud hosting company take your time and thoroughly go through every single detail of your security features and make sure it protects your website in case of sudden malicious attacks or when the service is abruptly interrupted.

How easily can it scale?

One of the benefits of cloud hosting services should be how easily can you gain access or how simply can you scale on your day to day needs basis. This is a good indicator of whether the specific cloud hosting service is the correct choice for you or not. It should offer simple auto-scaling options for an affordable price

How well does it perform on loading and regular uptime tests?

The cloud’s hosting is channelized into many networks of servers and it is supposed to help the website reload as fast as possible when the website is low or down sometimes. One has all the right to be very picky and about the load times, right down to every nanosecond. In this world of technology and the web, these seemingly extremely small to almost none differences in speed makes you different from the rest of your competition. It’s the same thing that applies to uptimes. The best providers in the market guarantee and provide an upwards of at least 99.9% on average.

Is it a supportive nature?

We know by now that cloud hosting is in charge of your website’s security and infrastructure. It protects it against malicious attacks and other software viruses. So it is for the best if we get the best possible tech support that knows how to protect your website and is clear about what is going on with the website. So try to find such cloud hosting services that give 24/7 support all year along through numerous numbers of channels



How is cloud hosting advantageous?

Cloud hosting is extremely easy to use. You can now control and adapt your server like a professional. You can do this with the control panel which comes with enormous characteristics that will help you make a bold online platform.

Along with this, you can now have a genuine IP address. RAM. CPU and SSD disk space also comes along with it. These facilities are hence provided only to you and nobody else.

You now conveniently don’t have to worry about the server, monitoring, and other such assistance because we’ve got you covered. You can hence deliberately stay focused while we guide you throughout your journey.

Hence, if you keep these factors in mind, you will make a good choice in selecting a cloud host for yourself.

How exactly does cloud hosting function?

Cloud hosting and other such cloud technologies are very relatable. In cloud hosting, numerous different tasks are performed on several different machines. Cloud hosting has minimal resource allocation. Ok cloud hosting, several personal servers come together.

Cloud hosting has two different steps including the virtual servers as well as the physical hosts. Virtual servers are nothing but your websites that are being hosted on. On the other hand, physical hosts are correlated to the virtual servers and hence these two go hand in hand.

Our hosted cloud applications and on-premise applications similar?

Both these applications pretty much have the same looks and working. The main difference here is that the software is not operated at the client’s location. Hence, you can conclude that these applications have just very few differences that make them different from each other.

How is cloud service supported?

The main characteristic of cloud hosting is the deployment. Other important components might be implementation, operation, and processing. The cloud hosting is mostly hosted off-site, the requirements of the facilities and technologies areas similar to web browsers and the internet.