Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Before discussing and comparing various hosting servers, let us understand what Hosting servers are. It is basically like renting. They refer to a situation where an individual rents a virtual plot in the space of the internet for creating and developing his website. There are several servers from where you can create your website, but the servers mentioned below are remarkable in their features and are considered to be the best dedicated server hosting.


1) HostGator –

We have often been hearing HostGator’s praises all around. They are definitely in the air for a good reason. It showcases the combination of plentiful RAM, rugged CPU cores and portrays a high bandwidth. It also successfully scored the most in providing the best features and got listed in the best dedicated server hosting. In HostGator, though the prices aren’t cheap you can get a good amount of work done. You can make the most out of your investment. The server hosting also provides a wide range of help and support options. This includes connection via live chat or phone. In addition to all these, it also guarantees to provide an uptime of 99.99%. It has an attractive load time of 1,113 ms. 

It is considered to be the well-established and best-developed server hosting. The company involves a huge base of customers and is well acquainted with their work and long term goals. They also possess a good ratio of their price to features.

Speed and Uptime:

For choosing your best web host, the speed and its uptime matter the most. And here in this criterion, HostGator scores almost a complete 100. There is no evidence of disturbances til so far. But, in its speed, HostGator does lag sometimes. It often falls short from its speed i.e. estimated to be 1,113 ms. Even though it does lag in its speed, yet its uptime features make up for it. Till now, it has successfully been holding the first position in the list of best dedicated server hosting.


The HostGator’s Support when tested gave out fruitful results. As a part of the testing procedure, it was contacted several times via live chats which took an average time of 3 minutes to get answered. Only, a spike of 20 minutes occurred on a rare occasion. Therefore, answering your queries can take an average time of about 5 minutes to 3 minutes in general.

Instead of answering the queries in a sugar-coated and complicated manner, their customer support isn’t meant for the beginners. Their answers are sometimes in the form of URL links. It directs you to pages where you can get more information about your problems. Via their answers and website information, it is quite understandable that its users possess a good knowledge of WordPress and are well acquainted with technical details. In short, the answers provided by this server hosting is 100% informative. Just one needs to be patient enough to dig into the solutions that have been provided by the later.


The features offered by HostGator are pretty promising and are 100% trustworthy. On your investment, they provide an unlimited bandwidth as long as you are within their tenure of service. Through it, you will also get access to a disk space of 1 TB and a RAM of 8 Gb. It also incorporates a super fast multi-core processor. These features do justify the price that you have invested in it. There will be hardly any time when you will notice the bandwidth cap. Also, HostGator does not facilitate automatic back-ups, so individuals are solely responsible for getting their pieces of stuff back-up earlier.


Its prices are considered to be in the low-mid range in the competition. You can get your hosting for $119 a month. This offer is given only when the individual has opted for a 3-year commitment.

After the expiry of the initial plan, the plan can again be renewed at $189 per month. The most amazing thing is that though the renewed prices may be on the expensive side, yet one can be able to get satisfaction from it.

Even its cheapest plan can cover everything that might require handling thousands of visitors per month. And for this, HostGator assures that you need not be worried about any kind of downtime.

  • Its cheapest plan can be availed at $119 per month.
  • Its Admin Dashboard is of cPanel.
  • It provides a disk space of 1 TB.
  • It has a RAM of 8 Gb.
  • It incorporates a processor of 4 Core and 2.1 GHz
  • It has a dedicated IP number 3.

So, if you give preference to high security, then this hosting provider can be the perfect choice for you. The features provided by HostGator are above average than what is usually provided by other hosting providers with its prices below average.


2) InMotion Hosting –

There can be several situations as to how you may have come across this hosting provider. It may be that you have seen them around or in the advertisement. Or might have got recommendations to use it. Well, with two data centers in Virginia Beach and Los Angeles, this hosting provider has grabbed a customer base that can be counted to 300,000 domains. The hosting provider also claims to be the number one in support, industry and transfer guarantees.


1) They provide an average uptime of approximately 99.95%.

2) They also possess a fast server speed. It can provide a loading time as precise as 855 ms. This is even 4% faster than what is within the competitors’ range. According to Google’s algorithm, the speed criteria is one of the most important criteria to look for. It can leave the biggest impact based on the time the page takes to get loaded.

3) Its customer support: It has an amazing rating on its customer support. It is not surprising that the world possesses a disgusting trait to convert a 2 minutes job into 2 weeks one. But, InMotion’s customer support is extremely friendly. Within 2 minutes of your ticket submission, you can get contacted by a live agent. All the queries are handled professionally and are answered quickly. They will provide the best solution for the problems that may be troubling you. 

4) Free Backups for data: This hosting provider provides a Backup for all your data. The backup can be up to 10Gb. This hosting provider is unlike others which charge for backups or impose complicated terms and conditions for availing the backup feature.

Price plans:

The shared hosting category of InMotion hosting comes in three sections:

  • One is the launch plan: This plan can be started at a rate of $6.39 per month. It will give support to 25 domains, 6 parked domains, 2 websites, and 2 MySQL databases.
  • The Power Plan: This plan can be started at $8.49 per month. It supports approximately 100 domains, 26 parked domains, 50 MySQL databases, and 6 websites in total.
  • Pro plan: This can be availed at $14.71 per month. You can get access to unlimited features via this plan.


3) GoDaddy –

GoDaddy is certainly one of the most popular hosting providers. It is a name that comes accompanied by blazing big guns. They possess a huge network of their company along with a strong customer base. Also, their speed and uptime are considerably above average. 

Uptime and Speed: 

GoDaddy’s uptime and speed are 100% fast and are reliable. Their recent uptime can be summed up as 99.99% which is nearly close to perfect. These outputs were released based on several tests done to verify its uptime frequency. Their speed can be summed up to be 610 ms which is considered decent as it slightly remains above the industrial standard.


Though its customer support can be improved over the years, GoDaddy’s agents take a pretty long time to answer the simplest queries. Also, an average of 16-17 minutes is estimated to get one’s queries answered. 


  • It comprises storage of 1 TB.
  • It comes with completely unmetered bandwidth.
  • Its CPU speed is estimated to be 4-core, 3.1 GHz processor.
  • It comprises of a memory of 4 GB.
  • Its cPanel is standard.
  • It provides easy backup facilities at nominal rates.

Price plan: 

GoDaddy’s hosting plans can be availed at $169.99 per month. It does not include any separate renewal price after the expiry of the first plan. Its superb features count for its price but it tends to lack somewhere at providing the best customer support. It several plans include:

  • Economy: This can be purchased at $169.99 per month. It comprises of 4 CPU cores along with 3.1 GHz. It comes with storage of 1 TB and also comes with unmetered bandwidth. It comprises of 3 dedicated IPs and also comes with a 1 year SSL certificate.
  • Value: This can be availed at $199.99 per month. It again includes 4 CPU cores at 3.1 GHz. It comes with 8Gb memory and storage of 1.5 TB. Its bandwidth is also unmetered and comes with 3 dedicated IPs. It also comes with a 1-year SSL certificate.
  • Deluxe: This can be availed at $249.99/mo. It has 4 CPU cores at 3.1 GHz. It comes with 16 Gb memory and comes with storage of 2 TB. Its bandwidth is again unmetered and it also comes with 3 dedicated IPs. It again comes with a free SSL certificate.
  • Ultimate: The plans can be managed at $349.99 per month. It includes 4 CPU cores. It also involves 3.1 GHz. It comes with 32 Gb memory and storage of 2 TB. Again, its bandwidth is unmetered and it comes along with 3 IPs. It also includes a free SSL certificate of 1 year. 


4) Namecheap –

This was founded in the year 2000 to increase the average internet users. This hosting service provider is aimed to provide unexceptional service and domain names at affordable prices. Nowadays, the company claims to have over a million customers. With its unbeatable performance in service levels, Namecheap provides top-notch support and secures your data forever. The company believes in values like friendly, helpful, straightforward and helpful. 


  • It has a recorded uptime of 100% uptime.
  • It operates on Supermicro, HP, Dell’s latest server technology.
  • Every component of it comes with multiple redundancies.
  • The pages are loaded extremely fast.
  • Namecheap uses Cpanel to make the work easier for its users.
  • It is extremely easy to upgrade.
  • It comes with unlimited disk space.
  • Daily backups can easily be done twice a day.
  • It can include 100+ single click apps.
  • For billing and support, it supports a single contact point.
  • It comes with single contracts 
  • It comes with free migration of sites.

Different types of hosting plans

  1. i) Shared Hosting: It comes with a total of 4 plans to choose from. Every plan comes with unlimited bandwidth. It can accommodate multiple email forwarding accounts, email accounts, databases, and autoresponders. It also includes a good amount of disk space. An unlimited sub-domain can be accessed via it. 
  2. ii) VPS hosting: Every plan in this category can easily be upgraded. High support services and receiving answers are provided to the users. The plans get hosted on platforms which provide fast network and facilitate the quick opening of pages. Moreover, the plans ensure zero downtime, improvise the performance and assure stability.

Namecheap’s Customer support:

  • It provides a live chat of 24×7×365.
  • Queries can also be submitted via emails.
  • The queries are analyzed based on comprehensive knowledge.
  • It also includes a forum where individuals can refer to.


The three plans and their hosting prices are:

  • Stellar: For the stellar variant, the plan gives access to an unmetered bandwidth for one year for three websites at $2.88 per month.
  • Stellar Plus: This variant includes a larger disk space and can be bought at $4.88 per month during the first year.
  • Business SSD: This includes a disk space of approximately 50 GB. This is enough for 10 websites and can be bought for $8.88 per month.

5) Bluehost –

Bluehost is considered to be the cheapest of all and the best dedicated server hosting, but still, it does not compromise on its quality. Based on several tests, it is considered to provide the best support and help to its users. It also provides free backups which are very rare in the case of hosting providers. Excellent uptime and an impressive speed can be accessed via this hosting provider. 

Uptime and speed:

According to several testing, it was reported that Bluehost has an uptime of 99.8%. It operates at a speed of 369 ms. Rarely any downtime is reported. 


The team of Bluehost provides excellent customer support. Based on several tests, it was found out that connecting to a live agent took approximately 3 minutes and the responses of the queries were given within 2 minutes. The answers provided by the team are simple, genuine, honest and extremely helpful. The answers are extremely precise and always to the point. Bluehost provides strong customer support and queries get answered quickly in no time.


  • It comprises a disc space of 500 GB.
  • It also comprises of a large bandwidth cap (5 TB).
  • It incorporates a RAM of 4 Gb.
  • It also comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee.
  • Bluehost does not charge even if the traffic increases.
  • It is considered to be one of the best dedicated server hostings.

Pricing plan:

The prices that are offered by Bluehost are astonishingly low. Their plans can be accessed for $79.99 per month. After the completion of the first month, the prices hike up to $119.99 a month. The services can be accessed at this price only if the user agrees on a long 3-year commitment. Monthly payments in Bluehost are quite expensive. They can be as expensive as $149.99 per month.

So, if you need the best dedicated server hosting within a limited budget, then Bluehost can be the best for you.

6) OVH server hosting –

It may not be considered as one of the big giants in the competition, but still, it is that hosting provider that involves more than a million customers. It has a total of 25+ data centers all across the world. It has its data centers located in countries like Singapore, Poland, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Its price differs from region to region. In the UK, the server can cost up to $86, and in Poland, the same can be bought at $79.

It also possesses a good uptime and bears a good speed, which is generally above the average industrial speed.


  • Apart from the regular features, OVH supports SAS.
  • It also supports NVMe which is defined as memory-based non-volatile storage. This is five times greater than SSD.

Pricing Plan:

The OVH comes with a price plan of US$69 per month.


7) A2 Hosting – .

Uptime and Speed: Upon speculation, A2 hosting was found to perform well. It has the best desirable speed which is expected in an industry i.e 248 ms. They have an average uptime of 99.96% which is decent enough. At maximum, its downtime can be approximately 15 minutes. But, the other features of A2 are so powerful that its downtime cannot shadow the usability of this hosting provider.


The support provided by A2 was really quick. Queries were responded within minutes and connecting to an agent through live chat is not a hard task to do. It is accurate and fast. Generally, the answers are 100% quick and are accurate in their domain. An individual may have to do more research to know more about the problem, but in all A2 equips the best agents to interact with their customers. 


The features offered by A2 hosting are more than what is required. It offers a disk space of 1 TB. It includes a 10 TB bandwidth cap. It also involves a 3.1 GHz fast 2-core processor. Its 8 GB RAM is enough for those users who want to enable the quick opening of pages.

The pricing plan of A2 Hosting:

A2 hosting provider is the cheapest with the sum of $99.99 per month. It charges $39.95 per month for using its cPanel. Other features like site backups, catching may cost a few more bucks depending upon the choice. Also, in the case of renewable, there is a 17% hike in its price. It can go as high as $119.99 per month. 


8) Liquid Web –

Liquid Web is one of the most trusted hosting service providers which comes well-equipped with nearly perfect uptime. It also comes with an amazing speed along with a challenge of a “59-second support guarantee”. They fall in the price category of several other service providers yet they are superior in terms of providing the best features and involving the top-notch specs.

Its Uptime: The LiquidWeb guarantees a “100% quick uptime” in its advertisement. Upon testing, it was found that its uptime is more than 99.9% which is pretty impressive. Although it showed a downtime for 2 minutes, the overall uptime was more than expected.

Its speed: It houses an average speed of 658 ms. This may not be the best in the field of business but it is indeed better than the industrial level.


Upon speculation, it was found that Liquid Web did stand on its claim. The team responded to the queries in less than a minute. Thereby, they fulfilled the “59-seconds support guarantee” challenge. Also, its agent was found to be knowledgeable and was able to answer every question in detail. The answer was given in the simplest language which can easily be understood. Also, the agent cared enough to ask about the user’s plans and also suggested the best plans which would be suitable for them.


The Liquid Web servers are considered to be too good. Even one can get benefited from 480 Gb of disk space along with a bandwidth cap of 5 TB with the cheapest package. Even he can get access to a fast 4-core 3.5 GHz processor with a RAM of 16 Gb. The specifications are almost similar to other hosting providers except that it has a good clock speed with a bandwidth of 5 TB.

Also, Liquid Web comes well-equipped with fast customer support. If anyone opts for the package of above $1000, then he can get access to the live web architects. They can help in solving your problems instantly with proper explanation. This pack is generally meant for those enterprises which involve huge traffic and undergoes a lot of activities.


Though its pricing policy may look high as compared to other hosting providers, its business policy is mainly focused to help professionals who need the best performance. The price of the plans varies from an “entry-level” to a monstrous server which can be availed at $499 per month. The entry-level package can be bought at $199 per month. Also, Liquid Web charges extra money for using its cPanel. It charges an extra of $20 per month for this. 

Also, if one is using more bandwidth than what he has subscribed for, then, in this case, he could also get charged. Therefore, it’s always advisable to keep a track of accurate traffic on your website. Also, the bandwidth does not exactly depend upon traffic. Bandwidth refers to the simplified usage of your page. For example: if one has a website of 2 pages with a traffic of about 1000 visitors per month, then he would be requiring a bandwidth of 1 Gb. It is also one of the best dedicated server hosting available in the market.


9) Server4you –

This trusted hosting provider comes with several facilities ranging from providing your brand-name hardware. The server ensures the best performance with no hidden cost and perfect transparency. No expensive charges will be imposed and every price mentioned is genuine and honest. It is well-equipped with highly modern data centers all across the world and comes with all the essentials needed for being the best and affordable hosting provider. 

Whether you require an operating system or control panel or want to opt for modern server packages, everything can be availed in one place. Every small and medium business can get the required boost and foundation from here. Even, serve4you is perfect for those developers and agencies who are striving hard day and night to take their propaganda into new levels.

Uptime and total capacity: Server4you comes with an uptime ability of 99.99% along with a backbone capacity of 550 Gbit/s. It also proudly features an MPLS ring structure.

Server4you Support facilities:

One can get access to live chats and responses can be expected within minutes. One can also visit the official portal of Server4You to check in the other details.


The Windows-DS-Pro-Pack comes with features like:

  • It comes with Intel Xeon E3-1225v3.
  • It has a quad-core of up to 4×3.6 GHz.
  • It has a total of 32 GB RAM.
  • It provides a network of 1GBit/s.
  • It also comes with a license for Windows Server 2016.

The Windows 2016 Skylake Server comes with features:

  • It supports an intel core of i7-6700.
  • It has a quad-core of 4×4.0 GHz.
  • It has a DDR4 RAM of 32 GB.
  • It also comes with 2×250 GB SSD.
  • It also comes with a network of 1 Gbit/s.
  • It also comes with a Windows Server 2016 license.

The Windows-DS-Profi-Pack features:

  • It comes with Intel Xeon E3-1225v3.
  • It has a quad-core of 4×3.6 GHz.
  • It has a RAM of 32 GB.
  • It has an SSD of 2×500 GB.
  • It also supports a network of 1 Gbit/s.
  • It also comes with Windows Server 2016 license.

Pricing Plan:

  • The Windows 2016 Dedicated Server can be availed at $54.99.
  • The Windows 2016 Skylake Server can be availed at $90.99.
  • The Windows 2016 Xeon SSD can be bought at $61.99.


10) –

This is one of the leading markets in the field of Hosting Solutions Provider. This holds a remarkable history in building a brand, making provision for exceptional hosting service for businesses and also assists in simplifying the complicated technologies. This server operates its own SSAE 16 (SOC 1) TYPE II. It also has certified data centers all across the world to help you implement the mastered solutions in your business.


This hosting provider comes with 24×7×365 support. Queries can be asked in any form either in the form of messages or live chats. The hosting provider can connect the cloud servers online within seconds to get started, one can visit the site’s cloud hosting page.


  • It provides API access.
  • It comes with a free liability for DNS management.
  • It also comes with additional IP addresses.
  • It comes with its cPanel.
  • It also provides WHM.

Pricing plan: offers a RAM of 1 GB for $14.00 per month. It does not involve any terms and conditions.


11) Webhostface –

Want to get full control over your private server or want to have an out-of-the-box setup? Well, this hosting provider can assist you in every possible way. It comes with high-end data centers to deal with every issue. Its features are optimum enough to help you build your private empire. Its security is assured with every possible option and its hardware support is amazing enough to provide you with the required business support.


Dedicated Server 1 (Entry-level)

  • It comes with a dual intel version Xeon 5420.
  • It comes with a Hard Disk Drive of 2 TB or SSD of 240 GB.
  • It comes with a RAM of 16 GB.
  • It also provides a bandwidth of 20 TB.
  • It comes with 8 CPU cores.
  • It also comes with 8 threads involving 3.1 GHz CPU clock speed.
  • It comes with 1 free IP address.

Dedicated Server 2 (Enhances level)

  • It comes with a dual Xeon 5520.
  • It comes pre-equipped with a 3 TB Hard Disk Drive.
  • It can also involve a 240 GB SSD.
  • It comes with 24 GB RAM.
  • It involves a bandwidth of 20 TB.
  • It also involves 8 CPU cores.
  • It comes with 16 threads along with 3.1 GHz or 3.7 GHz Turbo level of CPU clock speed.
  • It also comes with 1 extra IP address.

Dedicated Server 3 (Premium level)

  • It comes with a dual Xeon 5639.
  • It comes with a 2×2 TB Hard Disk Drive.
  • It can also involve a 240 GB SSD.
  • It comes with 32 GB RAM.
  • It involves a bandwidth of 20 TB.
  • It also involves 12 CPU cores.
  • It comes with 24 threads along with 2 processors of 2.26 GHz.
  • It also comes available with 1 extra IP address.

Dedicated Server 4 (Enterprise level)

  • It involves a Dual Xeon E5-2670.
  • It comes with a 2×240 GB SSD type storage option.
  • It involves 64 GB RAM.
  • It also includes a Bandwidth of 20 TB.
  • It involves 16 CPU cores.
  • It includes 32 Threads along with 2 GHz or 2.66 GHz Turbo clock speed of CPU.
  • It is also available with 1 free IP address.

Pricing :

  • Dedicated Server 1 (Entry-level) can be availed for $116.10 per month.
  • Dedicated Server 2 (Enhances level) comes with at $170.10 per month.
  • Dedicated Server 3 (Premium level) can be fetched at $242.10 per month.
  • The Dedicated Server 4 (Enterprise level) can be availed for $323.10 per month.


12) Arvixe –

Arvixe is one of the dedicated hosting providers which excels in providing the best hosting platform to its users and is 100% reliable, secure and excels in performance. It gives the proper control of your databases with tight security. You can easily boost your business with strong networks via this hosting provider. It claims to yield a 100% output on its server management. It comes with tight night security updates.


It comes with a 24×7 dedicated support. Users can avail of this facility as and when required with no provision of delay.


  • It comes with several categories of CPU.
  • Its several plans consist of memory options ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB.

Pricing plan:

Its plan and its services can be availed at the rate of $111.00 per month. It is 100% economical to its servers which involve low traffic, online file storage, maintaining databases, etc.


13) HostWinds –

It is one of the recent hosting providers launched in the market. Their features are remarkable within affordable prices. Though their speed and uptime statistics dip upon testing, yet its features and affordable range of price make up for it.

Uptime and Speed of HostWinds: 

Upon testing, it was found that HostWinds had an uptime percentage of 99.47. It also showed 3 hours of downtime. This downtime can create a negative impact on the traffic and sales of your websites. All though, the team is working hard to improvise the downtime and it did show considerable improvement and reached up to 99.94%. The website has a speed of about 1200 ms which is kind of steady but not the best.


The support facilities provided by HostWinds are much faster than those of other servers. The responses of the queries can be expected to be received within a minute. Also, the answers were accurate enough to deal with the questions and finally solved them. Also, the answers were kept short and precise enough to get easily understood. Though live chat with the agents to choose the best plan according to the goals seemed pretty unsatisfactory, yet its quick customer support is strong enough to make up for it.


  • HostWind came equipped with a RAM of 8Gb.
  • It also comes equipped with 3.5 GHz CPUs.
  • You can get access to as much as 1TB storage.
  • One can get access to a bandwidth of 1 TB.
  • All you can frame your plan and customize the features accordingly.

Pricing plan: 

HostWinds are voted to be pretty cheap. The basic package can be availed for $106 per month. It also comes with an introductory package of $79.50 per month. They allow an amazing option to customize your plan. It also gives you the choice to choose several interfaces like Bandwidth cap, RAID, RAM, OS for registering your plan.

The introductory package can range anywhere from 1 to 36 months. Also, after the initial payment, the price can get hiked by 25%.

If anyone wants to get access to cPanel, it can be done by paying an extra of $35 per month.


14) Midphase –

Midphase Servers are considered to be the best in providing the leading 1-gigabit connection. They provide automation so that you can continue with your re-imaging. It also supports easy and hassle-free reboots with the support of the Midphase team. It provides the desired security and assures your information to be kept locked in a safe. This server assures an instant connection that is much more secure and constant around the clock. Midphase allows you full control on the server and assures 100% help and support from its team.

Uptime: It provides a trusted uptime which is higher than the average industrial demands.

Speed: It provides a good speed which makes loading of pages convenient and easy.


 It provides 24×7×365 support. The agents are quick enough to respond to the queries. It also provides the status of your services and comes with a good knowledge base. The team also helps in managing your domain and resolves any issue that you may encounter.

Features of D2 server:

  • It involves an E3-1270v5 version of the CPU.
  • It comes with 4 cores along with 8 threads.
  • It involves a DDR3 RAM of 16 GB.
  • It comes with a Hard Drive of 2×1 TB.
  • Its SAS HD is optional.
  • Its Hardware Raid is also optional.
  • It comes with a bandwidth of 10 TB.
  • It comes with 1 IPv4 address.
  • It supports 1 Gbps port speed.

Features of D3 server:

  • It comes with an E3-1270v5 CPU version.
  • Involves 4 cores and comes with 8 threads.
  • Involves a DDR3 RAM of 32 GB.
  • Involves a Hard Drive of 2×3 TB.
  • SAS HD is optional.
  • Hardware Raid is also optional.
  • It comes with a 10 TB bandwidth.
  • It comes with 1 IPv4 address.
  • Supports 1 Gbps port speed.

Features of D6 server:

  • Involves a 2×E5-2650v3 version of CPU.
  • It comes with 2×10 cores along with 20 threads.
  • Involves a DDR4 RAM of 64 GB.
  • It comes with a Hard Drive of 4×4 TB.
  • SAS HD is optional.
  • Hardware Raid is also optional.
  • It provides a bandwidth of 100 TB.
  • It comes with 1 IPv4 address.
  • Supports 1 Gbps port speed.

Pricing Plan of Midphase:

  • The D2 server can be availed at $117.60 per month.
  • The D3 server can be availed at $130.90 per month.
  • The D6 server can be bought for $182.00 per month.


15) CenturyLink –

This hosting provider helps one to free the IT resources and channelize them properly. It makes the users more focused and dedicated to their work. It involves more innovation and the least administration. It allows one to focus on his business properly and provides a helping hand to manage the IT costs with efficiency. It also assists in managing the risks and benefits the users by providing flexible solutions to their issues. The high level of security provided by the hosting provider is good enough to deal with your data privacy and security.

Uptime and speed of CenturyLink: 

The speed and uptime provided by CenturyLink are good enough to surpass the industrial level. The speed is high enough to download your pages within seconds.

Customer support of CenturyLink:

The agents can be connected via call or via chat. Also, the issues can be emailed if required. The agents do come up with genuine solutions and ensure that every issue is addressed properly. Live chatting with the agents is easy and suggestions about plans can be expected in no time. CenturyLink does come up with good customer support.

Features of CenturyLink:

  • It comes pre-equipped with configuration and change management.
  • It provides a wide range of DNS services.
  • It allows the procurement of HP servers.
  • It comes equipped with conditioned power.
  • It allows the stacking and racking of hardware.
  • It is highly secure and involves a locked cage environment.
  • It provides a controlled environment.
  • It comes pre-equipped with customizable solutions.
  • It allows proper hardware management.
  • It allows you to manage the operating system so that every operation can be handled easily.
  • It provides a wide array of services, products and comes with genuine solutions.
  • The data also comes well secured with industry-level anti-virus protection.
  • The malware and the other features are updated daily.

The pricing plan of CenturyLink:

  • The price for life 20 Mbps can be available for $50 per month and comes with an upload speed of 2 Mbps.
  • The price for life 80 Mbps plan can be available for $55 per month with an upload speed of 5 Mbps.
  • The price for 100 Mbps plan is available at $65 per month. Its upload speed is 30 Mbps.
  • The Price for 1 Gbps plan provides an upload speed of 1000 Mbps which can be available at $85 per month.


16) IONOS 1&1 –

The IONOS 1&1 comes with a long and esteemed history. In the industry of web hosting, it has emerged tremendously. Its uptime and speed are pretty satisfactory and the customer support services have improved a lot. Though, this server lacks live support yet its awesome features make up for the things that it lags.

Uptime and Speed: 

Upon testing, the results obtained from IONOS were completely surprising. It provided an uptime of about 99.98% and it was seen that this percentage remained pretty constant and steady. Though a 10 minute of downtime was observed at a certain point, since then its uptime remained pretty constant. They also provided a site speed of 530 ms which was pretty impressive. The statistics of IONOS’ uptime and speed are improving every month and would be a lot better in future 


Currently, the business model of IONOS is facing a lot of problems. Since the option of live chat isn’t available in IONOS, it makes pretty difficult for the users to connect to their agents and discuss their problems. Though queries can be asked on phone yet the fact that being in the year 2019, the facility of not having an option to live chat is pretty retarding on the company’s part.

Features: The features offered by IONOS are quite satisfactory. They come with unlimited bandwidth and disk space of 1 TB. Upon testing, it was also found that its servers were fast enough to meet the industry’s requirements. The server plans come well-equipped with fast processors and also involve a RAM of 8 GB. Also, it comes with a free domain facility. Malware protection is also provided to the customers and the CDN i.e Customer Delivery Network features of IONOS are good enough to make your site run faster than expected.


  • Involves a disk space of 1 TB.
  • It comes with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Comes with a RAM of 8 GB.
  • It comes with an 8 core and 2.4 GHz processor.
  • It comes with 1 IP address.

Pricing plan: 

IONOS comes with a pretty cheap pricing plan. The basic package of it can be availed for $40. After a term of 6 months, the pack can be renewed at $60 per month. The prices involved in IONOS are very low and it tops the chart of most inexpensive servers available in the market. Also, IONOS charges an amount of $50 as a set-up fee for a one-time set-up.

  • The A8i HDD can be availed for 6 months at $40 per month.
  • The L-16 HDD can be availed for 3 months at $60 per month.
  • The XL-32 HDD can be availed for 3 months at $90 per month.
  • The XL-64 HDD can be availed at $120 per month for 3 months.


17) AccuwebHosting –

This service has been a great alternative for those servers which come at affordable prices. It portrays a wide range of features at low prices. Although, their uptime and speed need some improvement and are considered to be below-average, yet the team of AccuHosting has been working hard day and night to improve the features according to the needs of its users. 

Uptime and Speed: 

The uptime speed claimed by AccuHosting is 99.92%. This seemed pretty steady and constant during the test, but it also showed an hour of downtime which was pretty not expected. The company’s uptime has been improving but a considerable improvement is expected only after some time. The site has a speed of about 794 ms which is considered to be below average. There are a bunch of other hosts available that can provide better uptime and speed.


The customer support facilities provided by the team of AccuHosting were found pretty impressive. Contacting the agents of AccuHosting is easy. The responses come quickly and are instant. The pieces of advice and plans suggested by them are pretty informative and well-informed. The answers to the queries are expected to be given within a stipulated time of 2 minutes. Also, good feedback came for AccuHosting’s customer support. The questions were well received, understood minutely and then answered with zero delays. Also, apart from responding to the customer’s queries, the agents seemed concerned about the plans and works of their customers. AccuHosting can be a good option for those who are at the beginner level and wish to develop their business further.


  • One can be benefited with 16 GB RAM.
  • Individuals can get a processor of 3.4 GHz.
  • One can get a storage space of 4 TB.
  • Individuals get the benefit of unlimited bandwidth.
  • Additional features like backups, faster versions of the processor, control panels, security options, and extra memory can also be availed.

Pricing plan:

The prices of AccuHosting come in an affordable range. It costs around $75 per month to avail of the basic package. There are other plans available too at considerable prices. The features which one gets at these prices are pretty satisfactory. AccuHosting is 100% transparent and believes in providing the best at the paid price. Soon, it is expected that AccuHosting will be releasing out more plans and features in the future to help its customers plan out their business properly. 

Also, the package plans are so convenient that there is no considerable hike in price after the initial subscription. It also provides the opportunity to choose a couple of servers. It solely depends on the location of its customers. The cheapest plan made available by AccuHosting is promising enough to withstand decent traffic. Although the extra money can be charged for availing the cPanel and SSL, the other features come well facilitated. 


Nowadays, a lot of dedicated servers are striving hard to top the charts. They are highly proclaimed to be one of the best, fast and reliable servers of all time. The major feature which segregates the best server from the others is the level of customer support they provide. People may come through several segments of advertisement where every server proclaims to be the best and assures 100% customer support.

The customer support facility of the servers can be checked via tests. According to several tests, only a few servers touched the qualifying mark. Also, the choice of the best server depends on the user’s needs. If he needs the best uptime and speed, then he can go for those hosting providers which are proclaimed to be the best in this field.

For some people, data security may be one of the biggest challenges to encounter. In this case, individuals can opt for those servers which are highly efficient in this field. According to a recent survey, HostGator was voted to be one of those hosting providers that excelled in all its security features. With reasonable prices, the server was found to have a huge customer base. The support team is very experienced and quick enough to respond to every query of its customers.

Some people need features. They go looking around for the best RAM, CPU cores and threads, Bandwidth, etc. Here, based on our research we have laid down all the features that every server proclaimed to provide. By carefully going through the charts and tables mentioned above, one can analyze the features he needs and then refer to the servers accordingly.

In short, every decision must be taken based on the needs, requirements, and demands. Maintenance of a big server can involve a huge investment. It also costs one’s time. Therefore, rigorous research must be done before buying your server and building your website on it. 

Always remember, to invest in those servers which are as dedicated as you are towards your website. Since servers form the building blocks of every website, ensure to invest in those which can come up to your expectations.

FAQ Section:

1) Who requires the best dedicated server hosting?

We all know about the benefits of dedicated hosting. Though it’s also true that it is not at all meant for all. If your website witnesses thousands of people every week or you happen to own your e-commerce store having a total of more than 30 products, then the dedicated hosting can be perfect for you. This means you are capable of investing in these servers and expand your business. If this isn’t the scenario, then you can go with cloud hosting or VPS hosting. They work equally well but with a few amounts of visitors per week.

2) How can one choose the best dedicated server hosting?

There are several criteria based on which one can choose his own best dedicated server hosting. They can be judged based on 

  • Memory: This is an important feature to look into. Individuals must be aware of the storage space that the server is promising to provide. It must be according to his requirements and must be enough to store his data properly.
  • Bandwidth: This is also an important criterion to look for. Details about Bandwidth requirements must be googled properly before reaching a conclusion.
  • Location of servers: Individuals must look for easy location of servers. This makes them thorough of the server’s history and can be a helping hand in solving their issues in the future. 
  • Number of CPUs: The plans provided by servers come with different numbers of CPUs. Look for those which aim to provide according to your requirements.
  • If it is value for money: After investing, look into the fields if you are getting benefited by the plan. This will make it easy for you to come to a conclusion and switch your decision if needed.
  • A guaranteed and good uptime: Look for the uptime features of the server. It must possess an uptime above the average industrial level. This ensures better productivity.
  • Help and support services: This is the most important criterion to look for. A good help and support service can result in good connectivity of the agents with the users. It facilitates easy sharing of issues, problems and involves quick responses to one’s queries. Also, agents of some servers aim to help individuals in expanding their business by suggesting the plans that will be suitable for them. This initiative is impressive and ensures a healthy bond.

3) How much is the cost of the best dedicated hosting server?

The prices are unpredictable. On a general basis, they can range from $50 to $500 per month. The pricing plans of the servers have been mentioned above. They can be referred to in detail and can be compared if desired.

4) What are the other kinds of hosting servers?

The other types of hosting servers are VPS and shared. You can get a deep knowledge about them on the Internet.