Best eCommerce Hosting of 2020

Managed Magento hosting by Cloudways logo

1. Cloudways

Scalable eCommerce solution built on cloud services.

Fastcomet logo

2. Fastcomet

Stable and well known for it´s eCommerce hosting.

Best Magento hosting with A2 hosting

3. A2 Hosting

Ecommerce hosting with one of the biggest companies.

Templ eCommerce hosting logo

4. Templ

Woocommerce experts with fast Google cloud servers.

SiteGround ecommerce logo

5. Siteground

Been around the block for a long time. Secure and fast.

Chemicloud ecomemrce hosting logo

6. Chemicloud

Fast servers that have all the power you need.

About eCommerce hosting

If you are planning to get your online business off the ground with reliable and cheap eCommerce hosting, you must opt for a service that can guarantee top cart performances, conversions, and security. For a startup, you must take a look at all available hosting options and luckily there are many to pick from. 

Advantages of commerce hosting

Higher availability and scalability: For an online business, you need to be available always and doing business non-stop. No loss of sales with closed stores for growing businesses to expected size is a plus.

Customer transactions: Clients need to trust and feel safe with secure transactions on your site. SSL certificates, secure information, safe transaction and safety from viruses and hackers is the key to building this trust.

Easy shopping: Easy and fast shopping carts can offer a mess-free experience to buyers. 

Support: Good support keeps the server running, helps with updating and feedback and creating a backup of useful data.

Hostinger logo

7. Hostinger

Cheap to get started and stable eCommerce hosting.

interserver logo

8. interServer

Stable and fast server. You will not get disappointed. 

How choosing the best is a big deal?

Ecommerce refers to the online business and trading of services and goods. It appears different from the brick and mortar model. Ecommerce businesses might not always have a physical store to trade from. Hence all transactions and dealings are done online. To add, such businesses are immensely successful in their online trade. 

E-commerce web hosting is gradually emerging as a popular option with the growing revolution in the eCommerce business. There are many examples of such business and websites like Amazon are one of them. Picking the best option in hosting for commerce for your new business is an art and a game of wisdom. 

What is eCommerce hosting?

If you are looking for the top eCommerce hosting service in the world, you first need to know what it actually is. It also makes sense to understand the unified concept of eCommerce hosting

As claimed earlier, hosting refers to the purchase of resources for running websites and businesses from some other company server. Ecommerce, in simple words, refers to doing business online. Hence e-commerce web hosting happens when a particular company leases resources from some other company for buying and selling of services and goods online. 

When you are willing to sell your product to a wider market, you first decide on creating websites to sell to a local or international market. With almost no knowledge of website design and its operation, you might find yourself clueless with the approach. You may also not know how you can collect orders, the number of stock left and keep a track of orders which altogether can be a tricky business. Additionally, you might also find it tough collecting and keeping a track of payments once the purchase is made. This is where the role of eCommerce web hosting comes in. 

Most of these hosting services will provide you a good hosting package and space on their server even if not the entire server. They should also help you with vital eCommerce tools to encourage the smooth running of your business online. They will further help you not just take orders but also keep stock and invoice customers. Best hosting for e-commerce engages in the transfer of funds between you and your customers. 

E-commerce web hosting companies are known to play the role of creating websites, setting up accounts and processing sales and transactions. It can be a good option for those trying to minimize costs in the long run. 

Dedicated server hosting and shared hosting can be used depending on the size or traffic of websites. You must keep all these aspects in mind while selecting the best hosting for eCommerce.

best ecommerce hosting

Features of eCommerce hosting

If you are planning to enter the world of eCommerce with your new startup business, eCommerce hosting is the thing to start with. It is a much cheaper option that has been tried and tested by many. It becomes easy to step into the arena after gathering a wealth of knowledge you can collect by reading eCommerce hosting reviews and useful content online. 

In order to ensure that you get the best deal for your requirements, there are many features to look into that should be investigated thoroughly. You must do good research without having to settle down for just anything lesser than the best.

A good eCommerce hosting company that offers competitive eCommerce web hosting service must provide essential features like uptime, disk space, eCommerce tools, bandwidth, and support. Here are the top essential features that must be included in your checklist too.


We are all aware of downtime which refers to the time when the server appears down. That’s the time when your clients and customers can’t access your website and you are already having a tough time finding out the solution. Uptime just refers to the other end of the spectrum. It means the amount of time while the server functions fully and this functioning is expressed in percentage. It suggests to you how reliable eCommerce hosting is including the probability of your website going down. Everyone wants a 99.9% uptime. 


Many hosting eCommerce packages allow for higher disk space and depending on what actually your website is dealing with, it makes sense to research the space you will be requiring. It will encourage you to find the best hosting package that suits your needs.



Almost all websites have some range of traffic coming in and that’s the point why you need better bandwidth and push out limitations. When the website grows, traffic increases and you don’t want the server to give you poor results then. You might want to switch to a higher eCommerce hosting package plan to avail of higher benefits. 


These are the major selling points in any package. Look for one that offers shopping carts, merchant account gateways and website builders. To find out that the hosting for your eCommerce solution provide you with that make sure to do your research before you sign up. 



If you are starting out in eCommerce, you need good support on phone, chat, and mail. You need to keep the server maintained and downtime restricted to a minimum. Make sure that the provider of the eCommerce hosting solution provides support in a language that you feel comfortable with.