Best Magento Hosting of 2020

Best Magento hosting with A2 hosting

1. A2 Hosting

Fast and easy managed Magento hosting.

Managed Magento hosting by Cloudways logo

2. Cloudways

Magento hosting on cloud servers of your choice.

Fastcomet logo

3. Fastcomet

Free Cloudflare CDN and fast servers for your Magento.

Greengeeks Magento hosting logo

4. GreenGeeks

Eco-friendly, fast and secure servers that make Magento fast.

SiteGround best magento hosting logo

5. Siteground

Servers built for speed and security. 

LiquidWeb Magento hosting logo

6. Liquidweb

Fast servers that have all the power you need.

About Magento hosting

Magento has ever been looked upon as a great way to build your trusted eCommerce store with ease. The aim should be to achieve a safer, faster and ideal Magento hosting environment that encourages flawless shopping experience of customers making your online store stand out.

Magento, in the last decade, has successfully emerged as one of the most popular and useful eCommerce systems put into use by the online merchants. No matter what product is on sale or the eCommerce business model that needs implementation, Magento has always had an answer to similar queries. Speed up your eCommerce business growth with trusted Magento hosting.

Best Magento hosting: Why do you require the best?

Magento is known as an open-source hosting e-commerce platform that is written in MYSQL and PHP and has already emerged as a powerful and fastest-growing script in the eCommerce market. Best Magento hosting allows you to manage and catalog products. Magento can be easily integrated into the google analytics tools and one can also utilize its multiple options to keep an eye on customer behavior on their websites. Magento is one of the most trusted eCommerce solutions for any online store that is looking to grow and make it big in eCommerce, where every customer prefers Magento first. 

Magento has plenty of options for customer support. With the help of reliable and best Magento 2 hosting, customers can enjoy options for creating user accounts, tracking shopping history and using different languages or currencies for multiple kinds of customers. It is suggested to choose the best hosting for Magento 2 for effectively running eCommerce businesses of any size. With the right option in your hands, it is possible to enjoy premium benefits through an exceptional web hosting business.

best magento hosting

Choosing Magento hosting provider: What to look for?

Here are the factors that need to be taken into consideration while you plan to choose the best Magento hosting service.


Hackers are potential threats to any online eCommerce store – no matter how small or huge it is. A good Magento hosting provider must guarantee you a safe store for operation and good server security. Make sure you enquire whether your chosen hosting e-commerce service uses server-side virus scanner or the forms of firewall systems and DDoS they plan to make available. PHP modules are prone to such attacks and your Magento 2 hosting provider must be able to turn on and off the module whenever required. 


The last thing you would want on your hosting e-commerce site is to go down or remain offline every now and then particularly at the peak hours of your business only due to hosting related issues. Choosing the right hosting provider will ensure that your customers don’t miss out on surfing your website whenever they want and you can successfully match their consistency. Even though most of the Magento hosting service providers can show you a tag of “99.99% uptime” included in their package, you must find out if they can really do so in the long run. 


Magento hosting requirements must be in sync with all that is being offered by the provider. Newer versions of Magento are up to PHP 7.0 or even higher but surprisingly not all the providers have got the required update implemented into their package. Few of them may even lack all the compatible features so you need to explore if all their current features have been found to be compatible with Magento.


It’s disappointing to spend time waiting for a particular page from an online store to load particularly if you are in the middle of your shopping. In reality, shoppers don’t have the patience to wait for the results from your overloaded systems. First, determine the size of your online store and pick a hosting plan that can guarantee maximum speed. You also need to get a guarantee from your service provider about the least number of server overload cases.

Technical support

No matter how attentive you are towards keeping your eCommerce store working in great condition, there are always chances for more downtime issues than you expected. Now in that case, you need to trust only a kind of provider that is known as a reliable channel that you can get in touch with, even when it’s a holiday. If it’s not a 24*7 support, you know there is already a red flag out there suggesting how that particular Magento service provider might not be a great choice.


There are multiple Magento hosting providers which means you are already spoilt for choices and flooded with interesting options. You can compare prices based on the services they offer and the budget that best suits you. Before your store can go live, there are many more upcoming requirements that need to be considered and will require you to spend. Don’t choose a hosting plan that already creates a dent in your pocket.

Customer reviews

Best Magento hosting service providers allow their satisfied and unsatisfied customers to share their opinions on their service on their website in a review page particularly dedicated to the cause. When you can’t find any such page on their websites, go for google search and look for the reviews carrying the company name. You should be able to get desired results by typing in something like “Magento hosting company name + negative reviews”. You expect any provider to at least offer you an average service which means searching for negative reviews can help you easily track the loopholes that (might) exist. 

It’s time to choose a Magento hosting plan that can push your eCommerce site towards growth and success ensuring that it is fast and secure. A good Magento hosting service provider will encourage you to start selling online as fast as you can. You can seek tons of features provided by top hosting services and initiate making more sales with peak cart performances and 24*7 support.