Best managed WordPress Hosting of 2020

Templ wordpress hosting logo

1. Templ

Best managed WordPress hosting built on Google Cloud.

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2. Cloudways

Choose your favorite cloud server and install WordPress with one-click.

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3. Kinsta

Fast and secure managed WordPress hosting. Recommended.

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4. WP Engine

WP Engine provide a good managed WP hosting solution.

Flywheel wordpress hosting

5. Flywheel

One of the top managed WP hosting companies. 

SiteGround logo

6. SiteGround

Big company that has been around. Secure and stable manged WordPress solution.

About managed WordPress hosting

The new zone that has opened up for professionals in the digital market is WordPress hosting. This area has attracted millions of people, amateur or professionals, who have opted for venturing into the digital world to give a new way to their lives. Do you want to know what makes a hosting solution manage WordPress hosting?

A managed WordPress hosting is a dedicated server that often is built upon a cloud hosting solution.
It´s optimized for WordPress and will make your site fast, secure and did i say fast? The scalability of is a perk to that when you grow you can increase the size of your server. Read more down below if you really wanna see why managed WordPress hosting is the best for your site.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that you can use free of cost. If you want to create an amazing website or blog most simply, you surely, go for WordPress. People across the world building up websites with WordPress one doesn’t have to be a developer. Though WordPress started as a tool for blog creation, it has now come up with a large collection of exclusive plugins and themes, free of cost. So whether you want to build a business website or a portfolio- WordPress can easily be your first choice. Now let’s take a venture to what is a managed WordPress hosting service.

Why is the world looking forward to the managed WordPress?

Most web hosting companies offer some kind of managed WordPress hosting solution so that they can ensure the security of their websites along with smooth running. With more than 35% of the current websites using WordPress, you can surely imagine how WordPress management has come up as an essential part. So why should we not think of hosting a managed WordPress? Before you start with a new domain to build your site in WordPress, let us see what managed WordPress hosting means.

What is hosting managed WordPress?

Managed WordPress hosting implies that you are providing various services for maintenance to websites built on WordPress. The services you can provide for maintenance can be of various types ranging from maintaining public accessibility to providing the security level needed by the client for his or her websites. For a best-managed WordPress hosting, maximum features, ranging from basic maintenance to highly advanced services, should come under the package. Before we move on, I will like to answer some of the obvious questions that are popping into your mind.

Are you wondering why managed WordPress hosting has got so popular? 

With the whole world getting digital, websites are becoming more complicated day by day. Only building a website and leaving it in the cyber world is surely not the thing now. Every website essentially needs continuous maintenance. Most of the people who are highly dependent on their website, it business or otherwise, and maybe lack the technical know-how of the maintainability. It is also not possible for a single person to have the deep knowledge to handle every domain of the maintenance including security, accessibility, and many more. So is there any reason why managed WordPress hosting is not the best option for everyone?

The next thing you must be thinking is, how much does a managed WordPress hosting cost? Well, the answer is a bit tricky. The cost of managed WordPress hosting depends on the feature the package is providing its clients. The best-managed WordPress hostings may cost around $10 every month. Some managed WordPress hostings with better features can charge even more. 

Many people wonder if managed WordPress hosting is worth it. The answer is a ‘Yes’. Let us see why.

best managed wordpress hosting
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Do you like working with slow websites? 

You surely promise that you won’t be visiting it again. It is obvious that people whose website is an asset to him or her, will surely not want a slow website. With hosts, they get dedicated servers for their website which surely boosts up the website with high speed. Apart from that, managed WordPress hostings also maintain accessibility, overall performance, security, provide useful plugins, and many more. For all these, the monthly subscription is worth it. So undoubtedly, if a dynamic website is important for a person, a managed WordPress hosting is worth it!

If managed WordPress hosting such an in-demand service, why can’t we think of hosting as a business for ourselves? The business of hosting a managed WordPress surely has a huge turnover. But providing a managed WordPress service is not as easy as it sounds. To compete with the best-managed WordPress hosting you have to have a great hold on every technicality of the service. So it’s simply not a single-hand business. Getting the best professionals with in-depth knowledge in each domain is also cumbersome.