Best WordPress hosting of 2021

Most of the content creators choose to use WordPress as a content management system. If you are one of these, you know how important it is to invest in WordPress hosting services. Choosing the best WordPress hosting will boost your SEO ranking, thus increasing traffic.

Well, if you are one of those who use WordPress com, the whole hosting topic is not something to concern you (but still a good read). However, if you use the WordPress org version, you should check it out, as we will try to shed some light on the hosting piece.

To make an educated decision, you need to know there are several types of WordPress hosting to choose from: free hosting, shared WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server WordPress hosting, and managed hosting. It is important to note that you don’t need unlimited bandwidth for these applications, and you should already have a free domain. With that being said, let’s check out the world of WordPress and the best WordPress hosting options!

Free WordPress hosting

This is usually managed by people who are reselling their server space to save costs. Although this is a cheap option, it is not very reliable. Plus, the host might ask you to advertise their stuff on your website. We do not recommend this type of hosting.

Shared WordPress hosting

In terms of WordPress hosting, the shared solution is the most common option for a beginner. You share a large server with other websites; hence the prices tend to be lower. One thing to note: although the hosting companies advertise unlimited resources, there is no such thing. As your business grows, you will be forced to upgrade to a higher hosting plan.

Another inconvenience of this hosting model is related to the limited number of visits to your website. The host will limit traffic as any peaks will impact the server’s performance, affecting everyone connected to it. The load time of your site will increase, and this is something we want to avoid.

Nevertheless, WordPress hosting shared remains the best option for bloggers and small businesses due to the low cost per month.

VPS WordPress hosting

This refers to partitioning a large physical server into multiple virtual machines, according to users’ needs. It is very similar to dedicated hosting. If you run a high-trafficked blog or a medium-sized business, this is the best option for you. Just make sure you get managed VPS if you are not technical savvy.

Dedicated WordPress hosting

It means that you will lease a physical server from your host. This type of hosting service is recommended for websites with high traffic. A team of techies will take care of your dedicated server and will give advice when needed.

Managed WordPress hosting

This is the perfect option for well-established bloggers who generate sufficient income to cover the costs. The big advantage of this type of hosting is the fact that you won’t need to worry about anything.

Other pros for adopting this hosting model are the strong security features, the content caching that enhances your site’s speed, the daily backups, or the automated updates of the WordPress version.

To summarize, this is the best hosting solution if you can afford it. It all depends on your budget.

Once you decided upon a type of hosting service for your website, you need to check the technical features of each candidate. In this article, we will show you what to look for when on a quest for the best WordPress hosting.

How to choose a WordPress hosting provider

What to look for in WordPress hosting:

On the quest for the best WordPress hosting provider, a non-techie regular user might get confused by the number of offers and adverts. We listed the main factors that matter when you window shop for WordPress web hosting.

Apart from these factors, it would help if you also looked into some specific features like free site migration or the possibility of having a free staging site. Other features like a free domain name or unlimited bandwidth are not usually included in any WordPress hosting plan, so it is best to already have a free domain. Here are the seven most vital things you should look for in WordPress hosting.


When you look for a reliable WordPress website hosting provider, speed is one of the most important factors to check. Nobody likes to browse for a site that takes ages to load. Furthermore, the WordPress website speed influences Google ranking also.

Before committing to a specific host, make sure you check all the information regarding the site’s speed. Different reviews existing out there list through details regarding this aspect. Some reviewers will even perform a speed test to prove their arguments and will share the load time values. Thus, speed is crucial no matter what!


The best WordPress hosting companies take security measures really seriously. And so should you. DDoS attacks occur very often, and hosting providers must protect their customers. It’s no use thinking that it won’t happen to you, because that chance is still there, and you shouldn’t risk it.

Some of the features you should check when looking for a WordPress host are SSL certificate support, network monitoring, the existence of a firewall. Regular backups are also a must, just in case.

A reliable host will continuously monitor their infrastructure and will eliminate any malware. Some hosting providers will even implement access restrictions for enhanced security protection.


In time your site traffic will increase and, even though this is something any blogger or business owner wants, the server resources will no longer suffice. This process is known as ‘bottlenecking traffic.’

When looking for a WordPress hosting provider, this is one of the most important factors to check – scalability. Make sure the web hosting you’re about to subscribe to offers scalability optimizations. Their servers should handle the heavy traffic from your site.

All providers we reviewed usually offer a sufficient amount of bandwidth and SSD storage; however, it is worth checking.

Customer Support

Customer support is another factor you should check before committing to a host or another. Apart from the contact channels, you should check what their response time is. If your site is down, you need a fast and reliable team to minimize disruption. It means that a good WordPress hosting plan should include 24/7 support.

In case you are not a techie, it is worth checking the availability of WordPress support. The web hosting companies that offer managed hosting for WordPress also provide WordPress support. These guys will help you set up your site and can sort any WordPress issues.

Remember, the longer your website is down, the more viewers you risk losing, and they will probably don´t come back. Customer support is essential!


Usually, customers tend to overestimate their storage needs and purchase pricier plans that are obviously too much for them. To avoid spending more than necessary on WordPress hosting services, you need to estimate your space requirements correctly.

As a generic rule, running a single WordPress website requires a minimum of 1GB of storage. Almost any web hosting provider includes at least 10GB of storage in their plans. However, to be on the safe side, try opting for VPS hosting as this hosting solution comes with larger storage space. This will indefinitely help you in the long run.

Server Location

Server location matters when it comes to WordPress websites’ loading speed. As a thumb rule, make sure you choose a host whose data centers are close to the location of your audience.

In case this is not possible, check whether the provider offers CDN (Content Delivery Network). This feature mitigates the physical distance between the user and the server location. The best WordPress hosting companies include free CDN in all their plans.


The SSL certificates are an important feature related to security. However, it is also an expensive one (up to $100 per year, per domain). But it would be best if you had it, and your site should be protected against malicious attacks.

It is important to remember that top-notch web hosting companies include free SSL certificates in all their plans. Make sure you check their offers first and decide appropriately.

Top 6 best WordPress hosting companies

Now that you know some of the most important aspects of how to choose a good provider, let’s get down to business! The next six web hosts offer some of the best WordPress hosting services on the market. Either shared hosting or managed, these providers come with the best web hosting plans for WordPress, and they will make sure your site is permanently available to your audience.

With that being said, let us present to you, in no particular order, the top 6 best WordPress hosting companies available on the web!


The first on our list is is a Swedish company focused on WordPress and WooCommerce managed hosting services. They are a better alternative to slow and insecure cheap shared hosting provided by some web hosts. At least, this is their claim. And they are right.

Powered by GC, Templ uses more than 20 GCP data centers spread across five continents. Performance is no longer an issue, this company scoring a great load time of 20ms. All websites are scanned every 3 minutes to make sure they are available, so you will no longer need to focus on your site availability aspect.

Customers are drawn by some of the features offered free of charge by this host: free debugging, free SSD storage, free CDN, or the ability to choose the server location.

Regarding the pricing, Templ represents an excellent deal. Although the prices might seem high, there are no hidden fees, and you get the best WordPress managed hosting service. Their basic plan will cost you $29 per month.


A cool thing about Templ is the fact that all their plans include the same features and tools. The entry-level plans offer limited storage and bandwidth, so you might need to upgrade later on.

One thing to note, Templ charges for some features that are free with other companies. You get only one free WordPress installation, while the automatic WordPress updates bring additional costs after the first year.

A cool feature of this WordPress web hosting company is that they offer transactional email accounts. These email accounts can be easily set up for all the domains you added to your Templ account.

Apart from the already mentioned features, Templ offers optimal WordPress configuration, speed audits, daily automatic backups, staging environment. The customized control panel is easy to use, but it does not include some beginner tools such as one-click installation or a website builder.

Using Nginx instead of Apache, Templ provides improved stability and performance. Their performance-boosting suite includes server-side caching, the latest PHP version, Redis object cache, Quick internet protocol, MariaDB.

Their best features are software patching, IP blocking, malware scanning, or two-factor authentication in terms of security.


The 24 7 support is done via live chat and email. You can also reach the techies via phone but only during business hours. However, Templ recommends using the chat as this is their best customer support channel.

Staff replies in less than a minute, and they are very helpful and polite. During the out of hours, the reply comes within 15 minutes, so Templ delivers what they promised.

The team will help you with your technical queries and will go the extra mile. After moving your website, they perform WordPress speed optimization and share with you ideas on how to improve the performance.

The knowledge base available for Templ’s customers includes a huge amount of useful articles, guides, and tutorials.



Cloudways is a Maltese hosting company founded in 2009. Their headquarters are based on the island of Malta, but they run offices in Dubai and Spain.

This is one of the best WordPress hosting providers, focused on offering premium managed cloud services. You have the option to choose between five different cloud infrastructures: GCP, AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr.

If you chose to host your WordPress site on Linode or Vultr, the costs are significantly lower, plus you get more storage and bandwidth.

Although the prices are higher compared to other hosts, you get a premium managed WordPress service, and there are no hidden fees or renewal rates. You pay at the end of each month, and they charge you only for the resources you used. Despite the lack of a money-back guarantee, you get a 3-day free trial to help you make a decision.


With Cloudways configuring your server is an easy task: you can either manually enter the requirements or select the number of page views, and the host suggests the best options. The next step is to select the server location.

The proprietary control panel allows you to install WordPress and easily manage your account and projects. You can move a website with the help of the WordPress Migrator tool.

Cloudways delivers a 99.9% uptime, and the site speed is optimized via the proprietary VMAN technology that deploys Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx.

In terms of security, Cloudways uses its own dedicated firewalls; however, they will not clean a hacked website. But they will provide guides on how to do it.

Other features are free SSL certificates, a proprietary CDN, over 100 data centers to choose from, one-click WordPress staging, free site migrations, and many more.


Cloudways offers 24 7 specialized customer support, and you have the option to purchase advanced support that comes with advanced application troubleshooting and a faster response time.

Once you upgrade to premium support, you benefit from two extra communication channels – a phone line and a private Slackline. The other means of communication with the support staff are live chat, email, and ticket system.

The agents are very well-trained and polite. You won’t have to wait more than a few minutes before they reply and sort your issues. In case you want to resolve the issues yourself, the Cloudways knowledge base will give you all the required information. And you can also access the community forum.

WP Engine


WP Engine is a company founded in 2010 by the American entrepreneur Jason Cohen. With the rising popularity of WordPress, Cohen noticed the need for a dedicated hosting provider and started this hosting company.

Based in Austin, Texas, WP Engine has over 400 employees, and it is known as one of the best places to work in this city. The WordPress technical experts constantly work on improving the user experience, and this made some of the well-known websites trust them.

Some of the happy customers of WP Engine are National Geographic, PBS, MyFitnessPall, or Yelp. Moreover, the company partners with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud for the highest availability, speed, and security.

WP Engine is one of the few hosting companies recommended by WordPress.


In terms of generic features, WP Engine comes with a 99.95% uptime guarantee, limited bandwidth and storage, a free CDN service that boosts the load time (included in all plans), different server locations spread across the world.

The WordPress related features included in the host’s plans are fast and free site migration from previous hosts, free SSL certificate, support for setting up staging sites, and many performance and diagnostic functionalities.

An interesting feature is a GeoTarget add-on that helps you to optimize your site for specific locations. Genesis framework and all 36+ StudioPress themes are included for free in all WP Engine accounts.

The company’s proprietary security system blocks any DDoS attack, brute force intrusions, and many more. In case you get hacked, WP Engine will fix your website without additional fees. They also offer a one-click restore point, meaning that your website will be brought back in case something goes wrong.

To summarize, WP Engine is the best WordPress hosting provider for those interested in managed WordPress hosting. However, all these features come with a price. And this may be a major show stopper for many regular users.

The prices range between $30 per month for the basic setup and $290 per month for advanced users. If you are not happy with the services, WP Engine offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Customer support is available 24 7 via live chat, phone, or email. Support staff replies fast and in a professional manner. Their WordPress expertise is outstanding, and perhaps, this is one of the best features of this company.

In case you are not interested in chatting or interacting with a human, you have the option to browse among the hundreds of knowledge articles and tutorials available to WP Engine customers. An integrated search engine will help you find the right documents as long as you use the correct keywords.

It is important to notice the phone support is available starting at the second tier. Premium and Enterprise users receive one-on-one consultancy for their issues.

Overall, the WP Engine offers one of the best customer support services in the industry, boasting over 97% customer satisfaction.



Kinsta is one of the most reliable providers in the hosting industry. Running on the Google Cloud Platform, this is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers.

Although their services seem expensive, Kinsta offers good value for money. There is no wonder that many WordPress users chose this host. Fast loading times and enhanced security are no longer a utopia.

Although their prices are not for those on a budget, the Kinsta plans come with many attractive features: free WordPress site migrations, uptime checks happening every two minutes, automated server scaling, multiple server locations, free SSL certificate, secure FTP access, and numerous other security measures.

Some of the happy customers of Kinsta are UbiSoft, Ricoh, General Electric, or ASOS.


Kinsta offers many useful WordPress specific tools, thorough statistics, a dashboard for managing multiple sites. There is no cPanel but a customized panel that displays only the important things for a content creator. Kinsta is dealing with server management for you.

The WordPress installation process is easy to follow, and you have the option to ask Kinsta to do it for you. Furthermore, you can update or customize the plugins via the My Kinsta dashboard.

This host offers the same features across all plans, so you don’t have to upgrade to a higher tier to get something you require. Other technical features are Nginx, PHP 7.4, MariaDB, LXD containers, and optimized VMs.

Overall, Kinsta is your choice if you want premium WordPress managed hosting. This is one of the best WordPress hosting providers in terms of performance.


The 24 7 customer service is good but not amazing. You have the option to use the live chat after you subscribe to one of Kinsta’s plans. Response time is under a minute, and agents are professional and helpful.

You will not have to re-explain everything if you experience a re-occurring issue as the chat saves previous conversations.

Some of the support team members are active contributors to the WordPress software; hence it is very unlikely to puzzle them with a specific question. From this point of view, they are the best.

There is no phone support, but you can reach the staff via the other available channels, live chat, email, ticketing system, or messenger.



Savii is a hosting company founded in 2013 and based in the Netherlands. Although they are a small company with data centers in Germany and the Netherlands, they are on a growing trend. They offer VPS and shared hosting services for your WordPress site.

The servers are optimized for WordPress and use a range of caching techniques that ensure the websites load faster than on the previous host’s servers. Savii’s technology is also better at absorbing peak loads.

Savii has higher prices for its managed WordPress hosting plans than its competition. But you can get a 10% discount if you opt for an annual payment plan. Moreover, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

The host promises a 99.9% uptime, but there is no compensation in case the uptime falls under this percentage.


Maybe the best features delivered by Savii are the fast loading website speed and the 99.9% uptime. Using WordPress optimized Varnish caching, phpFPM, CDN, and fast infrastructure, the host manages to achieve its goals.

Other features include free SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt, website free migration, unlimited bandwidth, daily backups, malware scanning, automated updates, sFTP & database access, HTTP2/ support, free multisite support, and many more.

Savii does not offer email accounts or free domain registration, and no web hosting solutions for other CMS types but WordPress.

Although their services are pricier than other hosts, Savii offers a 10% discount for annual payments. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee but no compensation if the uptime falls under 99.9%.


This host also offers 24/7 support coverage via email and a ticketing system. They offer you the possibility to contact the technical team via phone in case of an emergency. However, using the telephone number without a valid reason is subject to billing.

Savii technical staff are very good at sorting hosting related issues and will reply to your queries very fast. They also have short resolution times, ranging between 15 minutes and 2 hours for critical issues.

You can find an extensive knowledgebase that might help you sort your problems without agents’ intervention on their site. You will also find a FAQ section but no video tutorials.



The last provider on our list is Flywheel. Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting company based in Omaha, Nebraska. This host is focused on delivering the best WordPress hosting services to bloggers, web designers, developers, and different agencies.

This company offers a series of outstanding features that make them better than many other managed WordPress hostings. An especially eye-catching feature is the possibility to create private demo websites for free. Your customers will be able to get a free test site to give them an idea of how their site will look like.

Flywheel is powered by GCP and recently upgraded its infrastructure. Faster loading times, enhanced security features, and an overall more stable hosting environment are the key benefits for the company’s clients.

This host commits to a 99.99% uptime, and their plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


We already mentioned that Flywheel managed WordPress hosting is dedicated to developers and web designers, so there is no wonder that their best features aim to please this category of users.

Their custom-built tools help streamline web sites development. Blueprints™ saves precious time by packaging the most used WordPress themes and plugins. Local™ functionality includes one-click WordPress installation, SSL support, SSH access, and free shareable demo URLs.

Among the advanced development tools offered by Flywheel, we must mention the WP-CLI, hot-swap of PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.3, the ability to pull your Flywheel-hosted web sites into your local environment.

WordPress website staging is available on all plans, and you get a free staging site, a so-called “test site,” that is password protected as a security measure. Other security features offered are free SSL certificates, intelligent IP blocking, automatic nightly backups.


Flywheel customer service support solutions were created by developers, meaning that you can reach their techies really fast via live chat, email, or in-app tickets. Phone support is available to customers that opt for higher hosting plans.

One of the key benefits is the fact that Flywheel employs customer success specialists. 24/7 support is far better compared to other WordPress hosts.

You will get a fast reply to your queries, and this no wonder since over 100 WordPress specialists are ready to help and maintain your site.

The knowledgebase available to the company’s clients includes knowledge articles and eBooks. Interesting fact – while perusing for WordPress related information, you will stumble upon a free 14-day email course about web design trends.

So who wins the battle to become the best WordPress hosting overall?

All the WordPress hosting companies we reviewed have outstanding features that appeal to any blogger, web designer, or business owner. However, one particular WordPress hosting provider is recommended by the WordPress community: WP Engine.  

Why is WP Engine the best WordPress web hosting provider? Simply because it meets all the requirements of a WordPress regular user.

Being perfectly optimized for WordPress users, WP Engine simplifies WordPress site management. Following a website speed test, it became obvious that performance is consistent and solid.

Moreover, WP Engine includes dev, staging, and production environments in their offering. Any web designer or developer using WordPress org is delighted by this feature.

Another useful feature offered by WP Engine is the free site migration done automatically. Adding the free WordPress themes and the Genesis framework plugin added to any WordPress plan, it is clear why this company is people’s favorite.

Although they offer only managed WordPress hosting on shared servers, they compensate with dedicated and expert customer support.

Despite their high prices, WP Engine offers a great hosting service to its customers via tiered hosting plans. Scalability is not an issue, so you should choose either a Premium or Enterprise hosting plan in case you want to build a serious business or e-commerce website.

Moreover, this WordPress host is recommended by WordPress themselves. And this is a great business card.


What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is that type of hosting service optimized to meet the WordPress technical requirements like speed, security, uptime, or scalability. Offering the possibility of the one-click install of WordPress is also a nice feature to have.

Do You Need a Hosting Site for WordPress?

Depending on the WordPress version, you might not need a hosting site. WordPress org is the most common version, and you will require web hosting services. WordPress com allows you to create a free site on a subdomain, thus eliminating the need for WordPress hosting.

How to Figure out Your Hosting Needs?

To be able to determine your hosting needs accurately, you must look into several aspects like the bandwidth you anticipate using or the file storage needed. It is equally important to take into account if your site will include a blog or will have any server-code side.

How should you choose a WordPress hosting provider?

Before committing to a WordPress hosting provider, check whether their server load time is under 300 ms, the uptime is above 99%, and their support team is available 24/7. Explore all options according to your site traffic and type.

What are the WordPress Hosting Requirements?

The WordPress hosting requirements are very simple as this is a very lightweight script. WordPress will require PHP7 or greater, MySQL 5.6 or greater (or MariaDB version 10.1 or greater), and SSL.

Do I need a domain and hosting from the same provider?

No, you don’t need to get a domain and hosting services from the same host. However, if you don’t have a domain, it is better to opt for a hosting company that offers a free domain upon signup. Keep in mind that most WordPress hosting plans don’t offer a free domain, and unlimited bandwidth is also a rarity.


Managing a WordPress com or WordPress org site is not an easy task and requires a certain degree of technical knowledge. Moreover, constantly monitoring the website’s performance and availability will keep you away from creating great content or running your business.

The best WordPress hosting companies will lift this burden off your shoulders. Performance, security, availability will no longer bother you as you will have a team of experts to assist, and if you already have a free domain name, that’s even better!

We have reviewed the best WordPress web hosting providers on the market with the hope that you will find the one that meets your requirements and fits into the budget. Good luck out there, and enjoy your new domain!